Established in 1991 and a member of the United States Aikido Federation.

The dojo is open 7 days a week but closed on Legal Holidays.  Check schedule here.
Visitors are always welcomed!


Tuition starts at $120 for adults and $110 for full time students, depending on payment plan. 

No additional charges except yearly membership dues of $45 for the United States Aikido Federation (USAF).  Please call the dojo for additional information.   At this time, we do not have classes for children.


      USAF Aikido Summer Camp 2016

         Sunday, July 31st - Saturday, August 6th



             Classes with:

                Yamada Sensei

                Osawa Sensei

                USAF Shihan and Shidoin


        Special guest instructor Waka Sensei (August 4-6)


        Register online at:USAF Summer Camp Website


Benefits of Aikido:

  • Teaches self-defense (Budo)
  • Increases flexibility and stamina
  • Enhances balance and coordination
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Sharpens alertness and concentration
  • Reduces stress
  • No competitions or tournaments
  • All ages can participate
  • Size is not a factor
  • Preferred by Law Enforcement
  • More...