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Joe Nemeth Shihan of Aikido of Nassau County teaching at Aikido of Park Slope. (January 26, 2019)


Joe Nemeth Shihan of Aikido of Nassau County at United States Aikido Federation’s Summer Camp 2019.


First Class in Malverne 3/2/20




Together with Old Friends


Testing Night




Last Class in Lynbrook 2/28/20




ANC New Year's Eve class



Not pictured: Joanne Recca and Marianne Kobbe


Photo taken by Dorothy Nemeth






Nemeth Sensei presents Sandan certificates to newly promoted students Marianne Kobbe and Abe Cuevas.

6/1/2019 - Members of Aikido of Nassau County join USAF members at the 9th Annual Rhona Smiles benefit seminar held at Aikido North Jersey. The seminar featured our own Joe Nemeth Sensei and an afternoon of great training!

4/14/19 - Last class with Toshi before he returns to Japan.




Presentation of Promotion Certificates 3/25/19


From left to right: Charlie Wood (Yondan), Nemeth Sensei, Anthony DiBartolo (Yondan), Dave Hernandez (Nidan)


Presentation of Promotion Certificates 3/25/19



Charlie Wood - Yondan


Anthony DiBartolo - Yondan


Dave Hernandez - Nidan





Seminar with Nemeth Sensei at Aikido of Park Slope


Saturday, January, 26 2019


Attended by members of Aikido of Nassau County, Aikido of Park Slope, New York Aikikai and Aikido Schools of New Jersey.

June 18, 2018

92 Degrees

- No AC

Our photographer


Testing night at ANC


January 20, 2017


Our annual end of the year class




USAF Summer Camp 2016


The Heat Crew


95+ degrees - July 6th


True Aikido Die Hards!


Aikido of Nassau County New Year's Eve


December 31, 2015

Aikido of Nassau County Open House

Saturday, September 26, 2015



Summer Camp



Members of ANC with Aikidoists from Long Island and Massachusetts at USAF 2015 Summer Camp.


Members of ANC at Jerry Zimmerman's 6th Annual Rhona Smiles Benefit Seminar (6/13/2015).


The seminar featured our own sensei, Joe Nemeth (6th Dan Shihan), Ray Farinato (6th Dan Shihan); and Gina Zarrilli (6th Dan Shidoin).

Members of ANC at Jerry Zimmerman's 6th Annual Rhona Smiles Benefit Seminar (6/13/2015).

New Year's Eve 2014:

With the heat not working, we had no problems get warm in a hurry. 

Ukemi class 9/7/2014
Ukemi class 9/7/2014

Members of ANC at east coast Summer Camp 7/27/2014.

Sensei Joe Nemeth (seated center left) is flanked by aikidoka from ANC after his seminar class at the Shihanfest at the Aikido Schools of New Jersey.  

Promotion Testing 6/6/14
Promotion Testing 6/6/14

April 9, 2014 - Linda Holiday Sensei from Aikido of Santa Cruz presents to Joe Nemeth Shihan, and Cliff Marcus Sensei, a scroll of O'Sensei's words, brushed by Motomichi Anno Sensei: "How beautiful! The sacred form of Heaven and earth Created as One family." 
Below Linda Holiday Sensei teaches a special class and reads from her book 'Journey to the Heart Of Aikido.' 

Sensei Frank Johnson seminar in Brooklyn.  Pictured left to right are Charlie, Alan, Sensei Johnson, Barry and Tom.

Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night can keep the Aiki spirit from training. 

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December 2013 


Testing night Jan. 2013.  

Congratulations to all who tested and especially to Lauren Bergmann (seated second from right) and Joanne Recca, (standing middle, sixth from left) on attaining San dan.

Charles Colton Seminar, Sept. 15, 2012.  Pictured are, from left to right, Senseis Frank Johnson, Cliff Marcus, Charles Colton and Joe Nemeth.   Below is a group shot of Aikidoka attending the seminar. 

ANC Testing Night
ANC Testing Night

ANC Test Promotion Night (June, 2012) - 
Congratulations to Shodans Glynn (standing 5th from left), Dave (standing, 6th from left), Abe (standing 4th from right) and Tom (not pictured)

Marcus Sensei demonstrates forms of Kokyunage, a "breath throw" technique, with uke Jeff Leibowitz.  Kokyunage captures the momentum of an attack and redirects it in the form of a throw.

Members of Nassau County Aikido at Suffolk Aikikai seminar featuring Laura Jacobs Pavlick, Shidoin, 6th Dan (seated center), of Litchfield Hills Aikikai, and Sensei Joe Nemeth (seated left) and Barry Kushel (seated right).

Saturday, Feb 18, 2012